System Developer

2018 - Present
Advisory Ltd

Developing an arduino based system to record and analyse data from a model train simulation.

Android Developer

2016 - Present
University of Manchester

Full development of a mobile app "CROAC" to detect and identify frogs in the field by analyzing microphone recordings.

Experience gained; signal processing techniques, fourier transform, android.

Javascript UI Developer

2015 - 2016

User interface development for "ElBowTie", a website to visualise risk, in the context of railway infrastructure, using bow tie diagrams.

Experience gained; frontend communication to node.js server, html5 canvas, graph theory.

Placement Developer

2011 - 2012
Daresbury Science and Innovation Laboratory

Using 2d graphics to plot the course of a single charged particle through the synchrotron at Daresbury called ALICE. Simulations were ran to test the operation whose data was plotted. This required professional grade programming in a scientific environment and team coordination with post-grad students.

Experience gained; processing scientific simulation data, 2d graphics, lua.


2010 - 2016
University of Manchester

Attends public engagement events with biology department to educate on carnivorous plants. Held events at Jodrell bank and Manchester museum.

Experience gained; operating microscopes, setting up stands, networking with other participants and keeping vicious carnivorous plants alive